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LASSO (Longhorn Awards & Student Scholarship Opportunities) is a new scholarship management system to support scholarship applications and awarding across campus.
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LASSO is now live!

We encourage students and parents to consult our LASSO FAQ page for more information.

LASSO Scholarship Management System

In alignment with the University’s Strategic Plan, UT Austin implemented LASSO (Longhorn Awards & Student Scholarship Opportunities), a new campus-wide scholarship management system. Next Gen Scholarship Manager was selected for the LASSO system; it uses cloud technologies to reduce maintenance costs and speed up processing time and it works seamlessly with other University systems, including the new Oracle Student Financial Aid portal, the current University student information system (Mainframe), and the SS1 disbursement system (FRMS). This will create a more intuitive and useful service experience for faculty, staff, students, and their families.

See the links below for further information regarding LASSO:


All CSUs and Departments are welcome to be part of LASSO!

All CSUs and Departments are welcome to join LASSO. If you are interested in using LASSO for some or all of your awards, please contact us at

CSUs and Departments anticipating joining LASSO in the future should have the following award information ready to load into the system:

  • Award Names (visible to students and general public)
  • Award Descriptions (visible to students and general public)
  • Award Recipient Requirements
  • Award Recipient Preferences
  • Award Application Information
  • Award Donor Information (only required for donors receiving thank-you letters)

The option also exists to only import your scholarships and awarded recipients. This requires less work and allows students to get visibility into the scholarships you offer as well as see all of their awards in LASSO if they are chosen to receive awards by your area.

When compiling award information, please note the LASSO team is happy to help offer guidance, if needed. 

CSUs and Departments that have indicated they’d like to join LASSO will receive an invitation to our Canvas page, which includes training modules and further information on the system to ensure you are set up for success with the transition. 

Contact the LASSO Team

If you work with awarding or distributing scholarships at the University, please take a moment to complete the form linked below.

We value your input. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us using the email button below.