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Student Information Systems (SIS) Modernization


Modernizing our Student Information Systems (SIS) is a key priority for the University to ensure we are effectively serving the needs of our students, faculty, and administrators. The SIS work is complex as it bridges business processes across our community and works with other campus software solutions to enable data management and campus services to key divisions consuming data such as financial aid, course catalogs, academic scheduling, admissions, program enrollment, transfer, and course registration. We will work closely with members of the community to prioritize and drive modernization. In December 2021, the Provost and Chief Financial Officer established a Student System Council to review recommendations for updates to student systems and processes, evaluate the implications of process enhancements to any student system processes, policies, and systems, and provide final recommendations for implementing changes. 

The major integrated Student systems on the market are dated, rigid, and not easily adapted to changing needs of UT Austin. As a result, our SIS replacement plan will likely rely on integrating new separate systems that focus on end-user experiences, administrative efficiency, data availability, and adaptability. 

Current modernization efforts 

  • Preferred Student Name: Launched Fall 2021 
  • Modernizing Internal Transfer for Change of Major: Implemented Fall 2021
  • New Scholarship Management System: Launched January 2024
  • Replacement of the Financial Aid System: Planned for 2024-25 Award Year
  • Modernizing Admissions Application Process: for the coming year
  • Course Evaluation System: Rollout currently in progress

The SIS modernization is vital to sustain the operation of a large-scale, technologically diverse community. 

This page will be a main source for the community to be informed of the university’s strategy and implementation. 

We value your input. If you have questions or suggestions related to SIS modernization, please contact us.


For questions or suggestions related to LASSO, please contact the LASSO team via the link below.